When you’re invited to a party, or throwing your own, there can be great pressure to make a great impression and be the life of the party. We all want to be liked, and the good news is that it’s much, much easier than you think. Here are some quick and easy ways to make yourself the life of the party.

First and foremost, look your best. Nobody wants to come to a party in a forgettable or underwhelming look, so make sure to bring your A game. Ways to do this are numerous, but here are a few suggestions. First of all, floral patterns are always a good look for dresses. A simple floral pattern that’s not too loud or busy will give off an elegant essence, and you can even include real flowers into your look by wearing them in your hair or pinning them to your dress to add another layer of natural beauty to your outfit. Another way to leave a lasting impression at a party is to try an unorthodox hairstyle. An example of this is the beehive, a regal looking and larger than life hairdo which will certainly turn some heads.

Another thing to consider at a party is what you bring to the table. Literally and figuratively. When coming to a party, there is the expectation, in many cases, of bringing something for the hosts and other guests. This is a great way to curry some favor from the rest of the party. One way to do this is bringing  a bottle of high class wine, or your could bring some kind of snacks. An example of the latter is a gift basket from Harry and David that is sure to please with a variety of treats. Whatever choice you make here, it’s sure to go the extra mile by showing the host and other partygoers you’re a caring individual.